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Lauren wants to get introduced to Stuart and has no clue how ?


Their score is 64% this reflect their level of interactions and influence on each other.
She is looking to contact Stuart
She knows Paul
They worked together at Google
Paul knows Helene
They went to school together
Helen knows Stuart
He is a good friend of her brother
ShorTouch aggregates social network and email accounts data to capture users' interactions


We live in an increasingly connected world, where we are no longer simply bound by relations with people we interact with on a daily basis.

Today we can cultivate and maintain relations through specialized tools, expand upon these and increase our connectedness. However, we have a hard time keeping track of all our different profiles.

On top of this, although the current platforms allow us to stay in touch with existing relations, they are not best suited to help us extend our networks beyond the people we personally know.


ShorTouch mines user's social networks and email accounts' data in order to recreate relevant relationship graphs by delivering the chain of relevant intermediaries between you and the person you want to get introduced to.

Because each of your connections has connections, who have connections... that might know your target.

ShorTouch also offers a powerful analysis of your network, including an interactive network visualization and some qualitative and quantitative analyses.

How it works ?

Signup via Facebook and/or Gmail
Wait for ShorTouch to process your data
Start exploring your network and researching for people you want to contact

Why use ShorTouch ?

Enhance trust

ShorTouch allows you to check and assess the strength of your relations in order to make the most out of them.

Better understandingof your network

My Network page provides an interactive network visualization and exploration, it also shows interesting statistics about you and your networks.

Network extension

ShorTouch helps you be on top of your networking game, by getting in touch with people you are not directly connected to, you can extend your network to infinity and request introductions as needed.

Right tipfrom the right person

You can type a key-word or the name of an entity/company in our search engine and ShorTouch will deliver the path to this key-word (e.g. who in your close or extended network is highly connected to it).

Successful introductions

You want to contact someone that you don’t directly know, ShorTouch gives you the path to this person. The intermediaries will recommend you and push your request to your target.

Reputation check

You wish to check the reputation of someone, ShorTouch shows how you are connected to this person, you can then check if this person can be trusted through the intermediaries.

Now, let's imagine how useful ShorTouch can be

To introduce, Gina, entrepreneur, used ShorTouch to get in touch with Carl, a potential investor. Marie, Luc and John referred her

To check a reputation, George used ShorTouch to check Lucy’s reputation, the babysitter he wants to hire, through Georgia

To get an advice, Cindy used ShorTouch to get insights about Honk Kong. Yi, Luc’s colleague, lived in Hong Kong for 10 years, he gave Cindy advice


Of the recommended users get a positive answer


Intermediaries on average between 2 Facebook users


Of the online community trust their relations more than anyone else


ShorTouch is an innovative startup specialized in the Big Data and Digital industry.

The company was built in Paris in October 2015. We are based at Paris Dauphine University Incubator, the D-Incubator.

ShorTouch was born out of a desire to combine the best of tech and data sciences to create a solution that could truly help users, and that they could enjoy. We started working with academics and mathematicians to build the best algorithms out there to analyze and visualize networks, and we think we’ve done a pretty good job. But we won’t stop there.

We are a talented team with highly technical and scientific backgrounds. We are tech enthusiasts and together we work to create and innovate, understanding relations and connections between individuals.

Our mission is to help people optimize the use of their data to visualize hidden links.

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